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Lutronic Hollywood Spectra is the world’s leading and most advanced ultra-short pulse 1064/532nm laser platform with proprietary capabilities to reduce unwanted skin pigmentation and help stimulate collagen. Its intelligent and user-friendly design enables practitioners to lighten and brighten patient complexions, remove multi-color tattoos, and uniquely perform the popular Hollywood Laser Peel.

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  • HyperSurge™ and IntelliBeam™ for highest-quality energy deliver.

  • Resonator implemented with True 5 ns, that minimizes thermal impact and optimizes safety and efficacy for treating all types of unwanted pigment.


  • First short-pulse laser to earn FDA clearance for treating melasma, and now PTP+™ mode expands those capabilities.

  • 1064/532nm dual-wavelengths and Spectra Mode for treatment versatility.


  • Dual Focused Dots Handpiece with Adjustable Microbeam Spot Size.

  • Flexible Sequence Modes supporting from single pulse to 4 pulse modes.


  • Ergonomic, intelligent design with One touch Handpiece case.

  • Ergonomic Zero-G™ Arm reduces your fatigue.


  • Epidermal & Dermal Pigmentation

  • Nevus of Ota

  • Tattoos (Black, color)

  • Lentigines, Freckles

  • Melasma treatment, PIH

  • Seborrheic Keratosis

  • Skin Revitalization

  • Enlarge Pores, Black head

  • Active Acne

  • Post Acne Erythema


Performance System Specification
Laser wavelength 1064/532/585/650 nm 1064/532/585/650 nm
Medium of transmission Q-switched Nd:YAG laser
Laser transfer method Articulated arm
Aiming beam Diode Laser(655nm/Red)
Pulse Energy 1064 mode (Q-switch mode) Max. 1200mJ
1064 Q-PTP mode Max. 1400mJ
1064 Q-3 Mode Max. 1400mJ
1064 Q-4 Mode Max. 1400mJ
Spectra mode (1064nm) Max. 1500mJ
532 mode (Q-switch mode) Max. 400mJ
585 mode Max. 250mJ
650 mode Max. 150mJ
Pulse Duration 1064, 1064 Q-PTP, 532, 585, 650 mode 5 ~ 10ns
1064 Q-3, 1064 Q-4 mode 10 ~ 20 ns
Spectra mode 190㎲
Pulse Rate S1, 1, 2, 5, 8, 10 (Hz)
Classifications CDRH Class Class IV
MDD Class Class IIb
Applied Part Class B
FDA Class Class II
Pulse Energy Zoom 1~7mm(1064nm)/0.8~6mm(532nm)
Fractional Handpiece 6 x 6 (mm)
8mm-Zoom- Collimated 3~8mm(1064nm)/2.6~6.9mm(532nm)
Multi-Depth Focus 4~8 mm(1064nm) / 3.4~6.9 mm(532nm)
2mm-SD585 2mm
5mm-SD585 5mm
2mm-SD650 2mm
Cooling System Air + Water Cooling
Dimension 295(W) x 656(D) x 1642 (H) mm
Weight 84.7kg
Protective Eyewear Optical Density >5 at 1064, 532, 650, 585nm
Display System 8-inch touch LCD display
Display System Single phase
AC100~120V or AC220~230V
(Fuse 125V/25A or 250V/15A) 50/60Hz,
Power consumption: 1.7kVA

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